Our Tea Box contains some of our most popular teas in convenient plastic bottles. French Lemon Cream Herbal Tea, Mandarin Orange Green Tea, Geneva Lake Sunrise White Tea and Blackberry Sage Black Tea, in a gift box with rose petals, orange peels and star anise.  Makes a unique and special gift.  

Gourmet Selection Tea Gift Box

  • French Lemon Cream:  Green Rooibos, Lemons, Vanilla, Calendula and essence - 2.5 ozandarin Orange: Green Sencha, Mandarin Oranges - 2.5 ozMGeneva Lake Sunrise - White Tea, Goji Berries, Oranges, Lemons and calendula - 2.5 ozBlackberry Sage - South Indian Black Tea, All-Natural Extracts, Freeze-Dried Blackberries, Wildcrafted White Sage Leaves - 2 oz